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In modern day soccer it is recognized that outside of team practice and match day it’s vital that players receive supplemental training in competitive small groups to improve their technical ability, tactical decision making and key physical attributes.

SST’s professional semi private training will not only improve individual technique but let’s players apply these techniques and skills under pressure in match realistic situations with likeminded competitive players. Each 60-minute session aims to give players over 800 touches of the soccer ball which will give them the all important ‘real feel and touch’ they require in order become confident and comfortable when in possession of the soccer ball.

The ratio of players to a SST professional coach in each small group is 1:9 so the coach can focus on fixing and improving technical and tactical faults effectively with a more personal approach.

SST's Spring 2020 10-Week Semi-Private Training Program

Our competitive 10 week program will focus on several key areas to allow each athelete to maximize his or her potential. The program will build on the following areas, but not limited to:


  1. Passing and receiving
  2. Running with the Ball
  3. Dribbling
  4. Turning
  5. Shooting
  6. Ball Control
  7. Heading
  8. Shielding the Ball
  9. Receiving to Turn
  10. 1v1 Attacking
  11. 1v1 Defending

Tactical Decision Making and Creativity

Players will be encouraged to become ‘creative problem solvers ‘by confidently applying technical skills under pressure in small sided match related situations. Playing under pressure in small sided match related situations will improve players perception, awareness and tactical decision making both in and out of possession which are vital components of a soccer players DNA.

Physical Attributes

  1. Strength
  2. Endurance
  3. Speed
  4. Flexibility & Mobility
  5. Coordination & Balance
  6. Agility

SST’s professional semi private soccer training has helped to produce players who have excelled at club, high school, college and both semi and professional levels.

This program is for dedicated players only and is open to players who are at a minimum of Travel Level ability only please. Players will be grouped together by age for the duration of the program.

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