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michael turtle soccer coach in new jersey


Founder, Owner, and Operator

Meet Michael Turtle, an ambitious entrepreneur who combined his passion for soccer and athletic training into an amazing soccer program that has changed the way youth and teams play the game. Michael, a graduate of Staffordshire University United Kingdom, has been working within Wall Soccer Club for over 14 years.

Michael began his club coaching in Long Island with Pro-Excel Soccer. In 2003 he moved to Wall Soccer Club and has led the club to become one of the biggest soccer programs in New Jersey. A native of Crosby, Liverpool in the UK, Michael is a product of The Crosby Stuart and Marine AFC youth programs, where he played semi-professional football before beginning his coaching career. Michael graduated Staffordshire University with a BA Honors degree in Sports and Business Management. Michael, holds several coaching licenses, including a NSCAA Premier Diploma, USSF A license, English FA coaching badge, and multiple NSCAA licenses. Currently, Michael resides in Ocean, New Jersey with his wife Lizabeth and twin boys Luke and Jace.


Soccer Specific Training was introduced in 2008. After owning and operating the business for two years, Michael Turtle had the fortunate opportunity to meet Jonathan Schmid, an ambitious young Coach, who was also a local college soccer star at Monmouth University.

Jonathan had a great mind for business and the precise passion that captured Michael's attention. In 2010, a partnership was formed and SST grew sporadically. "We literally doubled our business, our coaches, and training staff. At one point in time, we grew so fast we were coaching more teams than we could handle. The growth was unimaginable and truly breathtaking to see our passion grow into something successful and meaningful," - Michael Turtle. With the continued support and dedication from Jonathan and the entire SST staff and members, Soccer Specific Training has become one of the biggest soccer training companies in New Jersey.

The growth of the game in the US has created such a huge demand for our services. Bringing in Jonathan Schmid after 3 years also helped us take the company to the next level. The growth has been unimaginable and truly breathtaking to see our passion grow into something successful and meaningful.



Regionals SST Soccer Team
professional soccer training program


SST boasts some of the most exciting and highly qualified coaching talents in New Jersey.

 Our experienced and motivated staff develop unique environments that promote competition and sportsmanship coupled with an individual and collective work ethic that is second to none. Every Staff member is highly qualified and has learned the trade from some of the most experienced coaches all over the world. All SST coaches and staff members are passionate about the game and are all qualifed high level players in their own right.

SST Approach & Methodology

Soccer Specific Training is not just another quick fix soccer training company. SST believes in the proper development of youth players and teams. Teaching them the right way to train and develop at a steady pace and to enjoy every moment of it.

Many companies and Academy's want to stress the importance of winning and getting results. SST believes that developing and progressing players and teams the right way whether that is win, loss or draw. SST teaches that winning is the end product of good training and development with no emphasis on winning being what makes you "good or bad". Winning is not the way you judge the progression of a team or the players on it. Having the right ideas and trying to play the right way is the true way to grade.


SST takes on teams at a very young age and has a goal in mind to make them better every week and take an interest in every single player and team. Have your team train with SST and you will see why we are the best Training Company in NJ. We offer many types of training and services but we promise you will not be disappointed.

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