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SST’s professional 1-on-1 private soccer training for individual technique is the perfect supplement to team training and match play and will enable young players to effectively and efficiently perform a specific soccer task or specific soccer movement.

Playing soccer for 3 to 5 hours per week with your teammates will not develop a technically competent individual player. Outside of team practice and match day it’s vital that players receive professional 1-on-1 private training to develop and improve their technical ability.


SST’s professional coaches will guide each individual through a personal development plan (PDP) with realistic goals and objectives then monitor/review progress from start to finish of the program. SST’s professional coaches will build a strong trustful relationship with each individual player (and parents) in order to maximize their technical development.

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Private training sessions will cover key technical components of the game including, but not limited to:

Passing and Receiving: Transferring the ball on the ground or in the air from one player to another over various distances with different surfaces of the foot.

Running with the Ball: Control the ball in movement with the feet and on the ground at high speed.

Dribbling: Close control of the ball in movement, with the feet and on the ground, continuously changing direction.

Turning: One (or more) touches on the ball with the purpose of changing direction efficiently.

Shooting: Striking the ball with various surfaces of the foot with the objective of scoring.

Ball Control: Receiving or directing the ball efficiently in the air or on the ground using all surfaces of the body except for the arm and hand.

Heading: Striking the ball with a specific part of the head with the purpose of defending, passing, controlling or scoring.

1v1 Attacking: Ability to confidently beat opponents using various fakes/moves/feints

Shielding the Ball: Protecting possession of the ball from an opponent.

Receiving to Turn: Changing the direction of the ball with the foot after receiving a pass from a teammate with the purpose of making a second action such as dribbling, passing or shooting.

Crossing: Passing the ball from wide areas of the field to a central area close to goal (with the intention of finding a teammate to score) using various surfaces of the foot.

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When undertaking Soccer Specific Training's professional 1-on-1 private soccer training, athletes will also improve on the following:

  1. Strength

  2. Endurance

  3. Speed

  4. Flexibility & Mobility

  5. Coordination & Balance

  6. Agility

  7. Perception & Awareness

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Interested in SST Private Training Sessions?

Sessions will be organized by appointment. One hour sessions can be held at the players local field. 


If you would like to request more information about our private training services, please contact us. 

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