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College Sample

Writing emails to college coaches can be difficult. We have prepared you with an entire template and instructions on what to say. Check it out!

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Academic Information for Colleges

Not sure whether a college is a good fit for you personally and academically? Here's a list of things you should know while conducting a college search.

College Sample Letter:


Dear Coach __________,


My name is _________, I am currently a _____________  @ ___________ High School in New Jersey. I will be graduating in the Spring of ________.

I play my club ball for Wall Elite ____ 20___ who is ranked #___ in NJ. We play in the ________ League.

I wanted to inform you of my interest to attend & play soccer for ________University. It's one of the top schools on my list for not only its great soccer program & reputation but also for its academics. (Insert some detailed info on the University, such as recent accolades, school ranking, etc.)

As I mentioned I play for the Wall Elite _______ 20___ Team. Insert (position - # - attributes - individual player & team accolades)


I have researched ___________ University and would like to learn more about your program and meet with you and your staff. Please let me know if you or your staff will be able to attend any of our games / events listed below.


Scholastic Details:





Schedule of Team Events for (Season & Year):

League Games & Dates:

Event Name & Event Date

Event Name & Event Date

Event Name & Event Date

Event Name & Event Date


Below are my Club & HS Coaches details:

Club Coach:

Phone #:



High School Coach:

Phone #:



Thank you for your time & I look forward to meeting you. I hope you can make it to a game and watch me play.


(Insert Name)

College Sample Letter

Academic Information for Colleges:

  • Minimum GPA requirement

  • SAT / ACT score requirements

  • Does the School / University offer your major / a major you are interested in? What majors are offered at the School / University?

  • How does the school handle conflicts between sport / class?

  • Academic Support: What academic support is offered for student-athletes?

  • The size of the campus: Does the size of the campus matter to you? If so, does the size / accessibility of the campus suit you?

Academic Information

Questions for Coaching Staff:

  • The size of the recruiting class: How many players will be coming in with me? How many players similar to me (in regards to attributes) are being recruited / brought in?

  • The team’s system / style of play:Does the team’s playing style suit your strengths? Will the system help you become a better player?

  • Your role in the team: Will you make an impact / play right away? How will my role evolve over the course of my 4 years here?

  • Coaching style: How would you describe your coaching style? Can I watch a training session / match?

  • The direction of the team: How do you see the next 4 years going for the team and where do I fit into those plans?

Questions for Current Student-Athletes:

  • What is a normal day like for a student-athlete on campus during the season? The offseason?

  • How do you balance playing soccer with taking classes?

  • What are some positives and negatives that come with being a student-athlete?

  • What is the coaching staff like? Do players play hard for the coaches and enjoy playing for them?

  • How would you describe the team’s system / style of play?

  • What is there to do for fun around campus and the surrounding area?

  • What is the housing situation like for the players? Do players live on campus, off campus?

Soccer Field


Learn more about NCAA Eligibility Information and Recruiting Regulations.

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